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Event Horizon


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Ambient, building electric guitar instrumental, something like a cross between the late great Gary Moore and some softer stuff by Allan Holdsworth.

Imagine your spacecraft nearing a black hole, and the strain it puts on your vessel. Then, as you reach the event horizon, there is a moment of equilibrium and rest. But things get more intense, as the journey towards the center speeds up.

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John Robson said

Utterly fantastic!!!

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Gary Fox said

This album is a phenomenal piece of work, Jana. It may be your best one yet. Each song is a powerful one unto itself. Congratulations!

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Richard Hardrick said


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Andrew Russe said

When this started, I was disappointed that it was going to be an instrumental to close. But I was wrong, the guitar does the job of a vocal, lyrics and all... Superb set of songs - loved every minute of it. Well done, very well done.

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kavin. said

Such a great track, I felt bad about pushing it off the front page! Great album, dude.

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Sister Savage said

Fantastic album, Jana. Utterly professional.

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Merry Bear said

A wonderful, delightful, moving compilation of sound. Epic, delicious, colorful, textured. Gripping, effective -- it swirls about you like warm water, then wraps itself about you like a comforting blanket. Bittersweet, choice guitar work near the end.

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