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Dulcimer Song Tibit


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twirretwarre said

Lovely music!

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BraedenVMusic said

this is a nice relaxing trippy song

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glu said

wow! how did this get past the gludar? what a cool track. I love the dulcimer. took a summer course years ago... learned a little arlo gutherie. wish I still had one.

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drakonis said

I like this little chord progression idea, enjoyed the plucky sounds (although the scratchiness partway in was a little distracting) and the walking bass part was cool. Nice hand-off to the synth in the middle.

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Oh My Goodness said

you're better at David Bowie than he is!

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Oh My Goodness said

Futuristic vampire movie starring David Bowie where is it revealed that he's regretful about all that bloodletting.

Guest said

omg i just can't believe this my name is Sudara too , only im' a girl !!!!!!!!!

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