So What?


I took you seriously
I took it carefully
I didn’t want to breathe too loudly

I walked around silently
I didn’t say a word
Fear was there beside me
I know it sounds absurd

But so what?
So what.

I lived without money
I’ve lived without friends
I’ve lived without a purpose
And I made it in the end

I’ve worked as hard as most of them
And I’ve been haunted by it too
It’s the sort of thing I’ve ran from
Never knowing what to do

But so what?
So what.

Anyone’s a saint when they
Stay at home all day
Thinking about life and what surrounds them

But then they jump back in
Right up to their chin
And act so fucking surprised
When it’s up and down again

But so what?
So what.

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tedsink's avatar
tedsink said

Love the vocals, especially the harmony voice in the lower right. Nice mix.

Guest said

applause A modern day ‘My Way’ with a much more emotional, and compelling vocal. Very affecting.

Cave Street's avatar
Cave Street said

Wow, this one is moving. Intense dynamic there at the emotional peak…

Al's left hand's avatar
Al's left hand said

I’m not sure how I went so long on alonetone without listening to your stuff. I think I'ma listen to the rest of it! Really cool sound!

Jean-Luc Thomas's avatar
Jean-Luc Thomas said

I love the mixing on this track.

Memoir's avatar
Memoir said

This song is amazing.

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lsd25 said

Ah pretty song + Leslie tones. Great space.

Benjamin Wuamett's avatar
Benjamin Wuamett said

i wakes up grumpy, but goes off singing.

some lovely sad and happy songs here, haunting ones too. its nice to be haunted now and again.

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