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thetworegs said

I'm getting a severe missed connections addiction just noticed i only have 4 left.... no ... no..i need more.... more

Guest said

This real life, kitchen sink stuff. You sound vulnerable, very nice!

Guest said

i like the guitar here the best... -sin

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tim mcfate said

really sweet. and sad. been there. strikes a note in my heart. you have a gift with observation and memories. i am hoping that these are reall experiences because you shouldnt be able to make this up. it just would not be fare, sort of tim

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A Bit More Better Productions said

must start logging in before commenting. thems was me. Anyway.. enjoyed everything thus far but kinda glad to hear this one last a bit longer. Gives a bit more chance to get into it.. the others were ending about the time i was in the flow of them. delivery of it all though is charming.. delicate. like it. tip top

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