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A little Rain Must Fall


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Well it’s hit poor old Reg hard today that it’s finally over between him and Desirea so he’s written a blues song to exorcise his pain……..I’ve actually tried to put my own drum beat down on this one by using the keyboard as my drums and working it up from the bass but i didn’t have this idea until i’d already laid down the guitar a bit arse about face you might say but i think it’s worked have a listen and let me know and i really must learn a bit more lead as its missing a full on blast of it….but hey! at least i’m trying trying…..yes i know very……………….


They say in every life a little rain must fall
No matter how big no matter how tall
Life has that way of bringing you down
It’s time i wrote this down and stopped it going around

Dancing in the summer with the sun shining bright
And i fooled myself everything was so right
But the sky looked bad and the clouds did form
Then suddenly the rain started to fall
Yeah it falled, oh god did it fall

It poured and it poured and poured on down
It poured on my soul and it pushed me to the ground

I can’t believe what she did to me
The way she left me pleading down on my knees
I sit wet through but the rain just poured
It poured it’s pain on me even more

I cant breath i’m only just a float
I’m going down i can’t swim a stroke
I can’t breath, somebody help me

It’s getting too much Yeah i’m going to hell
This wound is open i can no longer feel
The rain, is pouring it’s pain

This storm is brewing it’s not going to go
It’s going to let loose and put me low

They say in every life a little rain must fall
No matter how big no matter how tall
Life has that way of bringing you down
I’m trying to write it down so i can stop it going around and around
It’s whirlpool inside me, the rain has caused, i’m going down
I’m going down
I’m going down

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Norm said

Reg, it is NEVER actually over with that girl. Nothing she does suprises me anymore.

Guest said

Excellent lyrics! Strong vocal performance.

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vaisvil said

yes! Nice gritty blues!

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Cool, your voice is so big hardly notice the music. Excellent!!

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