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I'm Moving on


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Well that didn’t last long Reg felt something wrong so he’s moving on to pastures new……….it got Reg feeling Jazzy……
Time to go (Lyrics)
Theres something in your smile that tells me its time for me to go
when i ask if everything is ok and you say yes
i know you lie
cause i know its time for me to hit the road and go go go go
i can feel the vibe has turning black
i know our times done
its time for me to hit that road and see what tomorrow brings to me, to me
it’s time for me to go

for a while i been looking in your eyes and i’ve come to realize
i want to leave before the love turns to hate
its been along time since i seen love in them eyes and even longer felt it between your thighs
so it’s time baby
i got to move on
i got to move on out
it’s time for me to go
don’t shed no tear for me lady
cause i know, you know
all you really need, is me out of your life
well im gone
im hitting the road, where i belong
over the hill and far away
maybe thats where my life lies today
i know
i know
i know i’m not wrong
i know
i gotta get gone
i gotta move on
i gotta move on
move on
hey baby you know i gotta gotta get gone
so i’m heading down the road
i ain’t looking back, i ain’t got time
i’m just moving on
moving on
i gotta get gone
you know i’m not wrong

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igor said

He told he wanna disappear before it turns (off?) He told "I gotta get it gone" I know he was wrong, I thought I knew... ... Blues, All blues

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Songs From Nowhere Project said

Oh my. You did well on this one! This is great!

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Reefwalker said

holy genre change batman. nice jazz bass and smoky piano bar reg! the only thing missing here is a couple of bar-goers clapping at the end of the performance. sweet movin on piece

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vaisvil said

Very cool sounding! re: Closer to Mumbai => its the spices :-)

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Vocals tone fits this genre well. Great track. Love that upright bass sound.

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