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In The Asylum


Well Reg has found himself in some difficult times in the past and has needed his time in the Asylum just to let time catch up with his mind………this track is about such a time…when his affair with lovemebaby turned sour…..

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Dillon Wager said

my favorite track for sure

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Dillon Wager said

omg! you need to be famous

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lgh said

Back for more Reg……..
OH YEAH, this is nutz!!!!!!!!!!
I’m loving this


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Will I Ram said

the wall, the nurse that loved me and everything that seems to find a place inside my head all the same, great stuff, sorry I have not been more available lately, been a roller coaster ride of being sick, on vacations and now without ability to work on music. soon be back to drawing boards! :)

Guest said

Poor Reg! Feel better soon!
Well you certainly captured the atmosphere!

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