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I've seen the sun die


I’ve seen the sun die (Lyrics)
I’ve watched the moonrise
i’ve seen the sun die
on our love and now it’s gone
i want that dream of love
i want to hold it close to my heart
i wanna to feel the warmth of your touch
i want to feel you in my heart

it seems so long now
i feel so cold
i feel all my dreams have gone
i feel my thoughts whir inside
of which i can not hide
all i want is you too hold

i need you by my side
i need you close enough to touch almost taste
i need you now please come with haste
i don’t know how’ll will survive
id don’t know if my dream will come true
i don”t know
i don”t know
i don’t know
i don’t know

all my life i’ve been with you
i’d thought my dreams had really come true
then i realized there was darkness
emanating from you
then my dreams, then my dreams they just broken into two

What am I mean’t to do,What am I mean’t to do
without my dream about you

i seen the sunrise
i’ve seen the moon, die
since our love has come and gone
i saw that darkness grow in your eye
until it consumed you
sitting back now
watching the stars shine
dreaming of that better life
of that better life
of that dream that escapes me
the darkness eats upon my mind
each time i see a bright moon, shine
all i want is you close to me
hear your laughter
see you smile
I want to share my life
i want you
i want you to touch my life

i wanna smile when the moon rise
i wanna smile at the sunrise
i wanna smile when i see the stars fall from the sky
i’ve come to realize, what i despise, is being lonely with out you
i need you close beside me
i want to share my life with you
i want to, i need to share my love with you

I’ve seen the moon rise,
I’ve seen the sun die
since our love has gone
i should have seen that darkness emanating all along
Sitting back alone watching the stars shine
dreaming of that better life
but all i want is you close to me
i want you to share my life

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Guest said

You worked hard on that vocal to the best effect.

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Wow! I really, really like this one. Simple is beautiful, and a simply beautiful song…

Dirty Spirits's avatar
Dirty Spirits said

great song, great performance .my fav so far.

launched's avatar
launched said

Sweet guitar bro - Awesome tune, love it!

Guest said

Reminds mw a bit of Bon Jovi from the kiddy cowboy era….what was it …oh ay, Young Guns

coool sound to have ,nice one…..


terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

This one comes together well

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Norm said


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