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Magic Bus (Regged)


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Here’s the Who classic Regged a little…..I was practising this at full volume then realised the window was open so a bit of an impromptu concert going on in the street which would have sounded ok for the main but i’m not so sure the backing vocals would have sounded so great….I’m am now officially the strangest person in the street for sure now…..arr well you can only try can’t you…hope you enjoy

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OfficialMaas said

great song (stop by and check out mine as well) but this was a masterpiece

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Greg Connor said

Oh Yes . . . That hit the spot!

Guest said

you guys are a trip... sounds good, can't wait to hear what's next..or should i say who's...

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fallingupart said

Hey, this sounds like The Who, Reg. Oh slap my face with a pickle! It IS The Who. It's called a cover. Silly me. Nice "Regging." :)

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JR James said

Magic bus! Hell yeah!

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