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Nothing here


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Another collab with Paul Chapman (Chaperzee) from the other side …..

Nothing here

Is this all you had to say
When you talked to me today
I can’t see the games you play
Is it that you with your minds astray
I stand here in dismay
Do you really want to go astray
Then please go without delay

You know that, this ain’t the way
That it will all carry on day after day
So baby please just look in my eyes
And you’ll see something you can’t despise
cause you will love me

Come on lets go back in time
Leets run lets go faster than we can
Turn back the dial
Turn back the dial

Well you could run faster than the sun
But you can’t undo every thing you’ve done
Looking back bites you bad
And you won’t know how long the pain will last
Cause life isn’t like a book
it doesn’t butter all the things up
There’s not word mis-uderstood
There’s nothing there but love

Discontented people do not know which way to go
They get lost on this terrible road
But someone has to say ……..


Love is the way love is the right way

Nothing here but love

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Paul Matthews said

Thank you for your recent kind comments about my Ronnie Scotts piece....and I love the feel of Nothing Here!! Right up my street....!!

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Andrew Russe said

Yeah. That's pretty cool.

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