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You Can't Raise A Smile


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Regs party has just started down the cellar but Johnny’s got them all going down on a bummer with this until Elvis brought it back up by remarking how lucky we are not to be Billy and Jim filled everyones glass and it looks like the partys going to take a turn……………..sorry about the guitar but i’m no guitarist…….i was ttempting a folk song but it got all country on me ….i blame Johnny and his dam prison songs…………

You cant raise a smile(Lyrics)

Billy was not happy with his life
it seemed to him all trouble and strife
He wanted to get out and go and change his life
And get away from all that trouble and strife

The days they seemed to pass by so slow
When you have nothing you have nowhere to go
Nothing doesn’t seem that worthwhile
When your life’s going nowhere, you can’t raise a smile

Billy had a dream to be a succesfull man
To go out into the world and make a stand
He could not take much more
Of living down there on the floor

He hitched his way down the long winding road
Trying to leave his troubled life behind
But Billy got drinking on the wrong side of town
That’s when his life really pulled him down

He got into a fight with a man called Jack
He only hit him once and he put Jack flat on his back
But Jack fell bad hit his head on a chair
Jack lay there dead and Billy in despair

The Judge gave Billy 99 years
Now He sits in his cell with his soul open bare
It’s hard when your life’s walking that long hard mile
When your life’s going nowhere you cant raise a smile
When your life’s going nowhere you cant raise a smile

Guest said

I'm always amazed at the switch of moods and styles.Like this a lot

The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co's avatar
The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said

Cool tune and lyrics.

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate

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