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11. souless man

This Caveman's Fire

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Once upon a time, a man couldn’t think of a song to save his life, and then one night it just came together. I miss the cello though. (all recordings are a work in progress)

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another cultural landslide said

BTW ~ our kitty is our manager. Her name is, MzKitty. Goofing off is not an option. Get caught? Out comes those claws...ouch! And another really fine track!

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Andrew Russe said

Liking your stuff :) Love the chorus on this one.

Guest said

A bard came to my city (electronic city) proposing to take away my soul too. But I, prisoner of a dime I have, I decided to stay in my world, large and small world. Go, man with no soul. The next cup of coffee I drink I will make a toast to your (and our) universal struggle!

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The Old Grey Wolf Ltd Co said


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Gene Eric Mann said

I dig this one too! Rock on!

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thetworegs said

excellent....loved it.....

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