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The Wolves of Rose Creek


I wrote this song for a benefit I played for the Yellowstone wolves. It is the true story of the reintroduction of the wolves in
Yellowstone Park . It’s an ongoing controversy between the out laying rangers and environmentalist

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Nightmoth said

Powerful, moving, with an important message. Love the flute. A good recording and song.

Gene Eric Mann said

I hadn’t listen to this one in a while – it was time to pay it another visit. Still loving it. The lyrics move me.

Guest said

Just saw your comment about SWEET RAIN. We moved from Palmdale to San Luis Obispo in 1952.

Gene Eric Mann said

A story that needed told and you told it well – Rock on!

Guest said

Hey G-no. This is a wonderful Original.
Very well done friend

terrysongs said

I love the Ideas of the Wolves running free, except I feel also for the family’s making their living out there. It will remain my hope that the balance will be reached.

jip said

Eerie. Very good.

Roger M. Harris said

Really good Gene…

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