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a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors

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a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors is a composition that my collaborator Frank Miller (of “2”) built around my 20 edo guitar part. Frank wrote and performed the vocals, lyrics, drums, 12 edo bass and produced the composition.

a manic ego trapped in a hall of mirrors - lyrics - frank miller

in a room to look at me
i am all there is to see
up above and down below
i have every angle to show

i love what i see
just me lookin’ at me
what a sight to see
you might say it’s lovely

everywhere i look is me
such a mental ecstacy
walking further along
how can my ego be wrong?

i can look at this all day
and i don’t want to get away!

so many angles, much to see
you all wish you looked like me

feeding my ego with candy to my eyes
totally ignoring a deep subconscious cry

floating in imagination of myself
laughing at those who said i need help

time will show, i am fine
i have control of my mind
how can you not like what you see
especially if it’s all me!

wandering reflections
pointing at only me
as i look all around
i am surrounded by me

touching the mirrors
that don’t touch back
talking to me
but i don’t talk back

i like what i see
but not what i hear
could it be that beauty
is not defined by a mirror

when i ask a question
they do not reply back
is it my brain
or are all the mirrors cracked

then i open my eyes
and cracked they all are
i can’t get out of here
i cannot find the door

clawing and scraping, my blood everywhere

trapped by beauty into despair

i want out, i gotta get out
my brain is being shattered
i’m climbing the walls and
howling in the darkness

woe i gotta get out!