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Apocrypha is a progressive rock song in the sense of Rush more than ELP or Yes. I had come up with the guitar and via my GR-20 the strings - everything else you hear was performed by my long time collaborator Frank Miller (Phantasm777) - so that means drums, bass, keys, vocals, and lyrics are Frank’s work. I am really grateful to be working with Frank again.

Apocrypha 2 12 2012 © Frank Miller

ohhh the
chains that binded me
i’m not
part of this damn world
if you
could feel the things i see
you would
die so fuckin horribly
time has
left me so far behind
i can’t
understand my restless mind

i live in a horror of nothingness
i can’t even live my life
i have never had most anything
that you take for granted, enjoyed and thrived!

ohhh ohhh
why was i ever born
ohhh ohh
to the chains of a tortured soul
ohhh ohhh
all i touch dies horribly
ohhh ohh
i can’t even love anymore!

i have come back from insanity
but shadows still darken me
i’ve come back from the ghastly dead
now i count the days

days and years of total eclipse
silence, loneliness perpetually with me
time meant nothing but waiting for death
and i cannot ever find peace again
and i cannot ever find love again
nevermore nevermore nevermore
nevermore nevermore nevermore

i am the living apocrypha!

i have somehow survived all of this
i can only thank myself cause
i pulled myself out of the depths
but i have demons to destroy

i am the living apocrypha!

Guest said

PROG! Crazy great vocals.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

now that's a trip.......

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richardlaceves said

like this very much,, kind of a bummer in sentiment,, but then again,, it kind of find it fits,, thank goodness for the net, at least i can look up apocrypha

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Movement To Contact said

Very nice!

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phantasm777 said

i think this went well, but then, i am a bit partial! :)