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I present the first of 3 guitar solos - Fender Mustang => Roland GR-20 + DoD FX-7 into Alesis mixer and Alesis effects.

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c}{imps 8 my ears said

pensive and dynamic all at once

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launched said

I just finished watching War of the Worlds, and now I'm scared shitless after listening to this! "Killer" stuff...

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richardlaceves said

quite dramatic, it's a very symphonic like sound,, i enjoyed this

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Norm said

You make that Roland sound like an entire symphony! Sis is right, quite menacing.

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kirklynch said

Wonderful cinematic sounds! Internal sounds from the GR20 or using it to send midi?

Guest said

Very unsettling! Powerful stuff, sounds kinda like a horror movie soundtrack.

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