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Open Road


Spontaneous little ditty about carelessness and always staying on the move. Quite different from the murky, depressing trite I always seem to end up composing.

This started out as a loose solo guitar jam around a simple chord sequence, and to keep that spontaneity I decided to keep all the first takes. There are some inevitable flubs here and there, plus it’s a little short - but hey, I mentioned something about carelessness, didn’t I? :P

Comments, criticism and reviews very welcome. :)

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thetworegs said

Great track

Movement To Contact said

Glad you liked it!!!

Rhonie said

Love this!

void said

Thanks for the nice comments, people! Makes me feel very welcome. :)

Wildgeas Music said

it’s good to be careless. Sweet guitar playing man. Welcome to the site.

Guest said

Sweet guitar sound you got there - very nice! Welcome to Alonetone!

Movement To Contact said

Great guitar…very clean sound.

Guest said

Great tune.

launched said

Beautiful guitar work! Love it.

Reefwalker said

This song is an instant Fav. The guitar riffs are excellent. Welcome to AT !

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