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The Betrayal

Wildgeas Music

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RPM 2014

The trumpets here are Midi on my keyboard. I ran the signal through a heavy metal amp sim. Then set it in place with EQ and verb.


Guest said

Reminds me of the opening riff from The Man Who Sold the World. Pretty Awesome. IAA

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kirklynch said

Instant classic!

Guest said

Atmosphere! A.T.M.O.S.P.H.E.R.E! Wonderful! Bee

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Roger M. Harris said

Well, you lost me ???? But what great sound.....:)

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Movement To Contact said

Very cool groove sir! Really enjoying atmosphere you've crafted

Guest said

like it!

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thetworegs said

loving those Mexican trumpets the guitars just meld in perfectly those drums arn't too shabby either...and a great starter.....

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