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Just an instrumental I came up with on the 7-string. Wanted to try a few harmonized licks. Guitars and bass are me but the drums aren’t (as with all my stuff).

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Gene Eric Mann said

Oooohh yeah! That is some damn sweet picking. Awesome work, dude! Rock the hell on!

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Wildgeas Music said

Ninja guitar playin' :)

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Akatsuki said

So polished...Man I'm stoked to hear this. As another guy put it, this one's a scorcher.

Guest said

Another scorcher, liking the panning lead. Cool harmonics , haven't heard anything quite like it. I must admit, I do envy your playing abilities, but have come to accept the fact that my brain wont let my fingers move like that!

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JR James said

You a monster shredder.....this has Shrapnel stank all over it!

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kirklynch said

Damn fine! Love your harmony lines

Guest said

Most tasty. Like the little breaks sprinkled throughout. This is an Ibanez 7-string then?

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