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Always Be Young

Kris King

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When I was young we lived opposite a big play area - lots of grass and trees and bushes to rampage around - and in the middle a tarmac playground with the “amusements” - a witches hat (aka umbrella), a long rocking horse with saddles along its back, a metal framework roundabout, and swings made of old car tyres. And being kids we thought that was where we would always be….


We swung open the gate and we raced for the tarmac
and straight to the witches hat follow my lead
three of us, bums to the wood, clung onto the bars
and we swung it around like the waves on the sea
we were chanting a spell to save all the sailors
and all of our lives to grow tall and strong
and always be laughing and always be young

Seven bright saddles for traveling on horseback
the red painted bridle and white wooden tail
three of us climbing on board, and gripping on tight
giddy-up stallion ride like the wind
we were shooting a line about arrows and gunfire
all of our lives we’d be cowboys for sure
and always be riding and always be young

Spiderweb roundabout dizzy and wild
tucking our feet in to lean for the turn
somebody gives us a shove then runs to jump on
the trees are like streamers flat out in a storm
we were begging a promise to spin until sundown
so that all of our lives we would rise to the sky
and always be flying and always be young

Chain link and tyres strung out on the framework
you got to tip out the rainwater then you get in
three of us - lining up straight with our feet on the ground
then tip and lean back and see who can go high
we were making up rhymes about angels and wires
how all of our lives we would swing through the stars
and always be children, and always be young
always be young

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James Michael Taylor said

You are the female Pete Seeger. Talking is singing and singing is talking.

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Rob Robson said

A second hearing was well worth it. Caught the words much better which painted far off days so well. Great delivery again....think you have a completely distinctive sound coupled with some great songs. More. more please and BTW love the negativey image of Chalk and Charcoal!

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oldfolks2 said

That takes me back ... great song ....

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launched said

This is beyond my scope of reasoning, a marvelous tune without doubt

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acoustic57 said

I agree, great vocal control. Almost a yodel type voice at times. Nice how you can let your voice break and have it sound right. Good job.

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Newbold said

really great voice voice control --- this is wonderful I like it.

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AMUC said

I'm getting a Laurie Anderson feeling from the vocals.

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Kris King said

Childhood memories - the amusement park across the road from our house. How we would run down the park, the adventures and dreams, the belief that is was the way it would always be.

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