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Marry Me (Da da da)

A Bit More Better Productions

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It is what it is. It’s throwaway but I’m relatively pleased. Was going for something slightly Kinksy/Nilssonesque - sort of Vauderville..

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thetworegs said

I will....but your doing the washing up

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Endicott Road said

Very pleasant song, sir. I like it a lot. ER

Guest said

Ooo-woo lala! Oo-woo lala! I have been singing this all day! "Ahhhh, marry me!" Dah dah dah dah dah dah dah!!

Guest said

It is NOT throwaway.

Guest said

Super Al! I want to sing along to it! See you at Glasto in the summer maybe!??!

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hills said

love it.

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rewind said

Very Beatles!

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