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Obey (RPM)

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Admital - the main guitar part for this was written and recorded for last RPM (shock horror!)but I had to give up on it when the file corrupted. Managed to salvage the audio though so rebuilt it around that. This year I managed to mix down just before it flipping corrupted AGAIN (hence slightly quiet verses) - happy to be laying this cursed track to rest! The song itself, is about control.

Obey the rules of the road, and the waterways
Obey the styles of your clothes
And the music you play
Don’t do as I do, do as I say
Ok, I will
I need to feel the release
Of being ruled by you

Obey what is wrong
By saying its right
Obey where you’re from
And leave in the night
Don’t try to be more, try to be you
And then, one day
When you finally are
Don’t dare change.

Obey me, obey me.
Baby obey x 2

Obey your ma and your pa
They want what’s best
Obey who you are
Cos you wanted the rest
Don’t answer back, answer me this
What is the use?
We’re all het up I guess
Don’t set me lose.

Obey me, obey me.
Baby obey x 2

Being trapped was being held closely
All this freedom is smothering me
And there’s so man roads I could go down
I don’t know where to turn, and its burning my brain
Never thought the sun would make me long for rain.

We’re all living a lie
In our own way
A tear in your eye
And a smile on my face
Don’t answer back answer me this
What’s best for you?
We’re all guessing I guess
Don’t let me choose.

Obey me, obey me.
Baby obey.

Guest said

Ps Superb track though, mis-heard or not.

Guest said

Evening old boy - I've done something fairly bizarre with this track. When I first got hold of the cd, before I had acccess to the lyrics, I completely misinterpeted (and mis-heard) them. I've written down what I thought I heard, which makes the words come from the point of view of a manipulative (and probably abusive), but slightly ashamed partner. I'll let you have then sometime, for interest. (Probably the greatest insult you can ever pay a songwriter!) Rad

johnbee's avatar
johnbee said

Great work, Alex! Love the atmosphere and vocal work. JB

Guest said

Hey Alex. I'm commenting on this track, as cursed as it may be, because its the one I remember the most from my full listen yesterday. It's a very enjoyable album you put together with a wide range of great singing. It inspired me to break out the acoustic guitar. Regards!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate.

Guest said

You've got something genuine going on with your music.

Guest said

Haunting! And liking the confession. :-) But as you know, it's a personal challenge. Almost half of my cd was recorded by (a) other people and (b) in 2009, know.

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