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The Ballad Of Herbie Jones (RPM)

A Bit More Better Productions

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A folksy number inspired by the stories my nan told me many moons ago about her uncle Herbie..

Herein lies the story, of a man named Herbie Jones.
Not a million miles away from a man you might have known.
A miner in the twenties, blue scars filled with coal,
Hit the City in the thirties, and in the forties war explodes.

Herbie and his miner friends, return to their Terraced homes,
Their wives scrub their black skin, to reveal the flesh below.
Rivulets descending, little mue in tow,
Watching, recording, for future stories told.

A night class here some time there, soon the great escape,
Freedom from the coaldust, where the countryside was raised,
Megan’s pickled onion turned out to be a girl,
And for Herbie now Herbert, a new entire world.

From the dark coalfields,
To the home cooked meals,
Throw your hat down in the street,
These cards will not be beat,
A man amongst Welshmen,
In the land of the midnight sun,
Is not where you belong,
Its not where you belong.

Up and out to Newport, and a job above the ground
Working for an HP company in the centre of the town,
Happy now and carefree, soon to be disturbed,
By the Devil’s invasion, and the ugliest of words.

Later on a policeman, with a number for a name
Never thought he’d find himself, in a job he hated again.
Later on to Oslo, in a mission for the war
Never thought he’d find himself in a job he hated more.

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

Like your sound. Maybe a tad less f/x on your voice. I want to understand your words. What are you recording on? (

Nick P's avatar
Nick P said

Nice tune...I'm looking forward to listening to more your songs

Dirty Spirits's avatar
Dirty Spirits said

this is a great tune. dynamic and rockin. another sweet set of songs.

Guest said

nice mixture of cool tone and breaths. vocals are sublime.

History Machine's avatar
History Machine said

Sounds really good when the whole thing kicks in

Guest said

sup bud?

Guest said

This one is SO cool! On the iPod! Thanks!

Guest said

Hey Alex, how are things?

Dave Berry's avatar
Dave Berry said

Nice, real nice. I love songs like this.

corbinSound's avatar
corbinSound said

LOVE IT! seriously! just awesome!!

Gu Djin's avatar
Gu Djin said

I love story songs that have that touch of authenticity. Love it

Guest said

The more I listen...just keeps gettin' better! I agree with Kirk, great writing!

kirklynch's avatar
kirklynch said

Wow! Great writing!

Johnny Stone's avatar
Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate great lyrics dig it.

Guest said

You have such a great style!! Great song!

transmit's avatar
transmit said

You have a serious gift for writing good lyrics! This is great!!

dAb's avatar
dAb said

Was there a female vocalist in there? Give her more space. Otherwise I really enjoyed this. :)

dwalsh's avatar
dwalsh said

great song man, love the keys and the drums. Ar the drums recorded live or a program?

launched's avatar
launched said

Those vox are money, Alex. I love the gated sound - I want to do that. Great songwriting. Brilliant lyrics, just awesome, man!!!

Guest said


Guest said

Wow, what a tribute. Kinda Neil Young vibe. (I always fancied that scrubbing by the fire thing, but was several decades too late.) "Very well put together," says Husband. And he doesn't mean me.

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