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Verse 1:
We should be colonizing Jupiter
but we’re just getting stupider
move to the moon way from here
so when doomsday comes we’ll live on
Don’t you wanna live on? Get on
the spaceship and give the
human race a chance to expand on
Keep our minds alive forever
I wanna see the sky lit up with splendor
keep the great works of art alive
in the stars and skies like Star Trek
but we haven’t reached the stars yet
Sometimes I wanna die ‘cause
at the rate we’re going
when the earth will be exploding
after that then there will be no one
It’s the end of the world as we know it
unless we keep on growing
avoiding armageddon and apocalypse
and if this solar system’s fucked
we’ll find another galaxy exist
we’ll see show two, next episode
to be continued and no one will ever die
I promise you, I promise you

Verse 2:
No one ever remembers Joe Nobody
and if you’re famous what about yo body?
and if you write great literature
what happens when the earth gets blown to smithereens?
The aliens won’t give a fuck
Those books they’ll still be there? In your dreams!
That’s why the human race must live on
We need to inhabit other planets like Saturn
Hey scientist, start working for you
and the rest of your people
All our work must not be for cheap fun
not in vain, ‘cause if the earth just goes away
nothing matters, just blows away, oh wait, no way

Verse 3:
We’re just scurrying around, hurrying about
worrying about things that’s unimportant
We have to start turning things around
learning, making sure we’re bound to
have an impact on the future, working around
obstacles, put on spectacles, don’t make a spectacle
out of everyone, that’s for children
Put on bigger shoes, act like a bigger dude
Now one question that I put to you
Now I ask you what if this bullshit star system
that we live on disappears like a big fart then
why did you fly that kite? ride that bike?
watch that live fight? dine out that night?
when we’ll all just die out some damn time now, huh?