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Rap, For Me

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Here’s another one

Verse 1:
I beat myself up ‘cause rap
We cuss, I don’t care about that
Coping mechanism, coping medicine
so obsession will hook me since I was in
high school, I listened to rappers buzzing
I moved myself too because then
I didn’t get where I should have been
What? What will I become of, man?
Rap taught me to go for what I can
For critics, it’s good encouragement
This is not what they would’ve seen
A mic booth they are not working in
so stop, go and listen in
I for one can’t stop listening
and look past the negatives
It’s all music, there are no exceptions

Ya can’t kill rap or hip hop, ever

Verse 2:
Hip hop, what a rich history
Since the seventies rap gave us celebrities
Celebrate the knowledge they kick to we
Span the globe, kids get it instinctively
If it’s clean and it’s not explicit, these
fans will listen to it regardlessly
Hip hop head, I fed on rap
I’m fed up with anti-rap
ideas like it doesn’t help man
but when cats can’t get jobs
they jump on the rap bandwagon
Born in “Poorville,” poured over here
I need this music to breathe
I see this music is me
This music is harmless
so don’t you go saying that it harms us

Wait, I’m not done yet

Verse 3:
From poverty to consciousness to positive
from gangsta shit to the greatest hits from A to Z
we’ve come a long way from NYC
I’m keeping it up, don’t you start hating me
They’ll keep saying the N-word forevermore
It ain’t nasty, I said it bad, there’s plenty more
where that came from, I need a microphone
Hearing my voice heals the scabs on
my back from lashes, I don’t bat eyelashes
Rap shatters wine glasses on impact
What hurts me is thinking that I’m bad
for making rap, it’s how I react
I tell a story, my feelings, I don’t want approval
I don’t care if you disapprove, it is not wrong
I will listen to rap until the end
tell you it matters, I know it for certain

So if ya don’t like rap,
don’t say anything bad about it
Just leave it be