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The Smoking, The Ageism, And The Catholic

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[Verse 1]
Nowadays everybody hates smokers
Have ya tried it?
And they’re afraid of a little tar
Please, they’re biased
Now, ya gotta see, if you haven’t tried it before
Ya don’t know what you’re talking about
You’re being a fool
Let me school you about the rules
They fire people ‘cause of smoking
And I don’t know why they do it, they must be joking
It’s not that harmful
Crack and meth are worse
But they don’t know, they don’t know what works
Trust me, I know it, I’ve seen these people
They’re biased, prejudiced, and they discriminate
Please, that ain’t great
Now, I’m gonna groove on, that’s it
Smoking is not that bad as people think
Please, believe it

[Verse 2]
Now I’m gonna talk about ageism
How some people just disrespect the old
Some old disrespect the young, and why?
Some people think that the young can’t do shit
But I trust them, ya got to
Yeah, have respect for them
They can do stuff
They can teach you a thing or two, old people
Ya know people, we gotta start cherishing one another no matter the age
No matter how many years you’ve lived on this earth, yeah
And believe me, I speak these truths because I see the truth, yes
This may come off a little strange
But ya gotta love all ages of people
I’m saying to people, pray people
C’mon, yeah, this is groovy and funky

[Verse 3]
I don’t usually talk like a Sooperman Lover emcee like Redman but goddamn
I gotta speak on some things ‘cause it’s just a new style
I like to do it different sometimes and all the while
Let me talk about the Catholics, ass-licks, yeah
Look at this Pope guy, wearing all these expensive clothes and all this gold, and ya know what?
He talks about the poor
I don’t think he resembles them or represents them or sends a good message because he ain’t them
And he doesn’t see their viewpoints or understands where they’re coming from
Never, son, uh, I gotta say this
Yeah, and look at the pedophilia
Touching young boys, that’s wrong
But no one gives a fuck about it though, c’mon
And a lot of Catholics in the United States aren’t united enough to say hey that’s a mistake
Never, I never see ‘em do that
Yeah and they’re obsessed with themselves and their religion
And goddamn I’m spitting to reverse this tide
Yeah, they want tithe
They want your money and they want it upright
And why? That ain’t right
Check it, I say this ‘cause I love it, and I say this ‘cause I does it, and it’s not dubbed and shit
What the fuck you think of this
I don’t give a shit because your thoughts are shit, they’re ish
And believe me true, believe me, troop, I am the truth

[Closing Remarks]
That’s about it
Ya know I had to talk about the good, the bad and the ugly
Like the smoking, the ageism and the Catholic
Just shit on my mind, I don’t hate Catholics
I’m not saying everybody is ageist
And I’m not saying that smoking is all good
It’s got some bad, it’s time consuming, it’s expensive
But hey, it’s not as bad as you think
Don’t be ageist
And Catholics, I don’t hate you
And I don’t love you