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Verse 1
Too many people make too many useless procedures
Things are onerous, complicated, every trade is, extended dayshifts
They did away with extended vacations, hiatuses
Pressure’s on, population ascending too long
Jobs can’t keep up with the people at all
Lots of stress, people expect, never relent
Big mess, distress, duress
I’m not a complainer, bitch, or negative nancy
They tell you it’s good, it’s catastrophe
Bosses are antsy
They lost touch with the subordinates, the lowers
All they do is bark orders
But what they don’t know is that we are the sole owners

Verse 2
Look at your tax forms, complex
Look at your legal contracts, long as shit
It’s rush rush rush
Tailing, trailing you in traffic, bumper to bumper
Workers are overworked, hurt, coerced, jerked, merked
Overexerting their person, every single workday
I even feel rushed, writing this stuff in the first place
Not everybody can receive first place
Isn’t that the first thing they taught you in the first grade
But still people are sprinting and tripping and flipping out
to get to where they’re never gonna get to in the end
except for wiggin’ out

Verse 3
I’m a cynic but ya made me one
You’re a cynic, that’s the way we are
Take it easy little wayward son
Be more trusting like a mother would
Don’t just fire someone for the way they look
Make the work less strenuous
not just for your friends but for everyone
Don’t say I have a bad attitude
or I’ll put your life on a permanent sabbatical
You’re a demanding dude
Relax, take a deep breath
and take a nap or two
Don’t run, amble to it
Hurriedness has reached a maximum altitude
so decompress gas and fumes
Unwind and relax your drastic moves