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Soon to be released on Amber’s CD Album “Forever”
“When daylight stills to grey and all the world is silent, we listen to the stillness sounds…” Written just for Amber by Susan Evans McCloud and Richard W. Smith this paints a picture of a family enjoying the quietness at eventide.

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sixmilewide said

Wow this is jist perfect, What a voice from someone so young. Beautiful.

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Keith Landry said

Wow. I'm not sure how I happened into this beautiful song, but I sure am glad that I did. Beautiful voice... Beautiful arrangement... Just wow.

Guest said

This is so good! Awesome Job!

Guest said

wow beautiful voice! Great mix too!

Guest said

Woah! How come you're not famous yet? I'm tellin everyone I know!

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Wildgeas Music said

This is wonderful. Well done.

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