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Coughdrop Overdose [RPM]

Toughest thing to mix on the entire album. Synthesizer music for the attention-impaired.
If you don’t like the current melody, wait five seconds.

Song name comes from my workplace addiction - I was going through a bag of cough drops weekly during my “coughing” phase in mid-winter. Not that this has anything to do with work beyond that..

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Dave Berry said

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the synth sounds here. Well done.

Diello said

sick! XD i wuz playn thru ur album n lieks had 2 stop at diz one and play it liek obva n obva XP its rly @_@

DJ Noisebleed said

The synth turns really funky after 0:15 till 0:25, sounds psycho in a cool way!

Kevin Bud Jones said

Excellent production and intense clarity to the driving beats and sounds. Very original and engaging.

Johnny Stone said

Great sounds mate

kirklynch said

What a trip! Cool!

Guest said

Wild tune.

Guest said

Very cool electronic piece!

Guest said

Hypnotic melodies and awesome beats! Nice track!