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A tune I wrote and recorded last year as a result of a good friends hungry teenage daughter sitting in the dance tent at the Sunrise festival chanting ‘pizza, pizza!’. Working on a new album if yer interested. New tracks soon with any luck.

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Gumbo said

haha - glad I finally got to this one! Schweet!

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Dirty Spirits said

cant wait for the new stuff. cool jam.

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Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah. I wasn't too sure as it started... but by the end I had a big smile on my face. Gorgeous sound and groove.

Guest said

Loads of atmosphere, love the lyrics and so well performed. Super feelgood track!

Guest said

Yeay! Rob's back in town! Super cool, awesomeinfinity mix!

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Groove Penguin said


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thetworegs said

Enjoyed that...

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Lady Jane said

I'm hungry now! Love it :)

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