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Prayers on a Winter eve

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I was passing by a darkened church this evening, as the wind danced through the trees, looking though the a window, i noticed a single candle lit, flickering on the alter step, casting a shadow within.. as i pressed an ear to the dusty glass , thus did i hear these quiet strains of memories long gone bye.. or this is just a short journey in c minor with a brief stop at it’s major e flat

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slkrell said

Very Cosmic

Guest said

Very pretty.

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Greg Connor said

This is unbelievable. I think I got tears in my eyes!

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igor said

~Forgotten memories of past prayers and the future-what-we-don't-know~

Guest said

I have to agree with Rustyjim,... inspiring. Choir sounds awesome. Nicely done.

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rustyjim said

I found this piece particularly inspiring, lovely use of vox patches, it can be so hard to make a vox patch sound like it belongs, you have mastered this!

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vaisvil said

Hi Richard, not a webcam - that was Stonehedge at winter solstice. Nice piece here!

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kirklynch said

You are a master of melody. Wow!

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Jason Earls said

beautiful tune, very nice.

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Blair Hannah Payne (BHP) said

Great work! Love it..

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Djörk said

very nice :) i hear echoes of bwv 582 in there... they must have an organ in that church.

Guest said

Oh yes, very lovely . . .

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thetworegs said

Love it...

Guest said

a wonderful simple tune. very much enjoyed it

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Nosda Cariad said

Beautiful indeed! And fits so perfectly the scenery you're depicting.

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slkrell said

OOOOH! beautiful stuff

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another cultural landslide said

Absolutely beautiful, Richard! w;-)

Guest said

Moving .