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Quiet Sun

Breaking Light

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Our sun is in a long, cool, quiet period right now. But average ocean temps are the highest ever, and polar ice and glaciers are melting at an alarming rate. Something is going on here.

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Breaking Light said

You can download a zip of the entire Proto-Sapien album here: thanksK

Guest said

yes i need to check the rest of your stuff...this was some cool sounds you pulled with your guitar.

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dougsparling said

Love this one, man. Note to self, improve my recording technique so that sound at least half this good...

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Cave Street said

beautiful ambiance - ever so slightly foreboding

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mmi said

No it's not. Nothing going on here. FoxNews says so. :-) But seriously cool track.

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kirklynch said


Guest said

Wow, beautiful.

Guest said

I could see the video in my mind when listening to this. :) At one time, when sunspots disappeared for a while..I believe in the 1700's...Earth went through a mini-iceage. There is no proof lack of sunspots was the cause. When you take into consideration sunspots are MASSIVE , it only makes sense to think perhaps it did.

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Mr Sandbags said

I for one am grateful for our impending roasting if it inspires you to make such music :)

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another cultural landslide said

Yes - the earth is trying to tell us something...very few are listening. Beautiful piece. w;-)

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childhoodsend said

Nice moody piece...

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Galileo's Cough Drop said

Great ambient track. Well done!

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