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Greg Connor's Cherry Pie.. ala mode Colleen

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I had a wish to sing along with Greg, so he offered me a piece of his Cherry Pie to sing along with… I added a few other bits here and there as well. Thanks Greg!!! This was a fun one for me… added some piano and a teeny bit of percussion….

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Eternals said

much fun.

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Eternals said

Olive this tune. I did like 3 versions of it. Just couldn't get enough.

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H R Music said


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Johnny Stone said

Really good track most enjoyable listen

Guest said

I just found your "Collaborama". Something to be proud of.

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Paul Lennon said

Chery Pie! Yea love it. Probably the most successful alonetone project ever. Much fun you guys and gals.

Guest said

So mellow and fantastic musical partnership between you 2. thumbs up.

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Andrew Russe said

Real nice. I'll have slice :) (Actually, it's made me realise, I don't get cherry pie round here, Mrs R doesn't like it... hmmm)

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Ron said

Wow ..great duet!!....Greg is getting some miles out of his Cherry Pie :-) your voice fits perfect with Greg's Colleen....Boy this makes my version sound x rated...I gotta go shower!!!!

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Merry Bear said

One of the prettiest version of this song I've heard yet! Great job, Colleen!

Guest said

Seconds it is!!! Great take!

Guest said

Loving the cherry pie! Thinking about seconds!

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Greg Connor said

Good harmony! The piano and shaker is a nice touch. Well Done!