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More Cherry Pie Lennon / Dillon

Colleen Dillon

We decided to share one more piece of cherry pie! Thanks Greg Connor for this now epic song. Thanks to Paul for his beautiful music. Always a ton of fun to collaborate with!!!

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H R Music said


Paul Lennon said

To much fun. Thanks Colleen.

@Greg - 4th version. I probably have a heavy metal version in me somewhere.

Who’s singin’ it?

Guest said

Smashing to hear this one again and love your take on it guys.

Sister Savage said

Another fab helping, guys! Super sweet.

Ron said

Great version…wow Greg is getting lots of mileage out of his Cherry Pie….(not any royalties though)…great singing and production…mix is outstanding…makes my version sound like porn:-)

Greg Connor said

Yep … this is a keeper! Nice going guys!

Greg Connor said

GREAT Fresh Approach

I love it! The vocal on this is top notch, and the accompaniment is right there with it.

Oops … . I pressed REPLAY again.

If I’m not mistaken, this is Paul’s 4th time around recreating this song … . That just tickles me!

slkrell said

Wow , Colleen you and John Lennon make a great pair. Connor’s tune sure has got that thing. Faved instantly

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