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River of Life (with Skidoo's Elephant of Truth)


I am honored to be able to put words to the music of Skidoo and to say the mood he created with his music triggered something important to me.

One of my favorites tracks from Skidoo is “An elephant of truth”. The first version of this song just fell out of me while his music was playing.

In this production all the music is from this track by skidoo. I added the voice. I didn’t want to change the music. Why spoil such a good thing.

The river of Life
has washed you clean
and I am forgiven
for all the might have beens

You looked me in the eyes
and I was surprised
to see

Now you’re gone
Words coming through
I’m asking forgiveness
for missing out on you

all that is left
is all that we shared
and all that we are
shows how we cared

So look me in the eyes
and be surprised
to see

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iconoclast said

Like this, has a Pink Floyd vibe….. and that can’t be bad, now, can it?

Guest said

Wow! Thank you very much for your comments! I also downloaded your music. You have an awesome sound - a mix between the singer from Tea Party and Pink floyd.

lam's avatar
lam said

Nice..almost has that Pink Floyed sound..

Guest said

Great lyrics.

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Wildgeas Music said

Short and beautiful almost haunting.

Guest said

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Guest said

zounds like us

Guest said

Oh yeah, great collab! Wonderful lyrics, beautifully performed! Touch of magic to this. Kind of Bowie actually.

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kirklynch said

Very nice!! Peaceful

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glu said

awesome! my favorite vocal track of yours yet!

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