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While My Lover Lies Asleep

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another cultural landslide said

Love this Colin! w;-)

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glu said

Colin, you I don't know if I've ever told you but you write amazing songs. This one very special. cheers

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Gary Fox said

Great song Colin, great song.

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Jim Howe said

Beautifully done. Well executed, truly.

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sanjosescottd said

Beautiful. Really well done.

Guest said


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glu said

Yes, how did I miss this tune? Poignant, love it!

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markholbrook said

Very nice. Beautiful sounding guitar. Vocals are clean and clear but I think they could use a little more high end. Sounded a little muted.

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ldmac said

Very nice..... great job

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Piscean Dream Band said

Beautiful. I kept waiting for some more instrumentation to kick in but I enjoy the sparseness of it. Maybe bring down the volume of the guitar solo around 1:50. Great lyrics. Great job!

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brando said


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Oh My Goodness said

wonderful voice.

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childhoodsend said

beautiful clear voice. Nice gentle song...

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A Bit More Better Productions said

not entirely sure what to say but what i want to say is definitely positive. class act col my son. :)

Guest said

i faved this at the 30 second mark.e

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J dY Stamp said

I love this song, Colin!

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Richard Hardrick said

just excellent!!!!

Guest said

Probably important to mention that my daughter, Morwenna, also loves this. Toddlers have very discerning tastes.

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OHHO said

Lovely song Colin, lovely song.

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another cultural landslide said

Ah Colin, love this track!

Guest said

Oh Heaven! This is sublime, Colin!