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Caledonia (Dougie Maclean)

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Greg Connor said

Still Good to listen to this!

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Greg Connor said

Still one of my favorites!

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Gene Eric Mann said

Ohh soo gorgeous!

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ckgabrielle said

Lovely song beautifully performed. :)connie

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Greg Connor said

Still the best version of this song that I have heard. I was at a jam last night where someone played this song. . . *Great Song*

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AMUC said

Love the vocals here -- they have a Celtic-vibe to them.

Guest said

nice voice. wish i could use it.

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facemask93 said

What a beautiful voice you have Lisa , could bring tears to a mans eye , this is what music is all about ( emotion ) Rob

Guest said

This Morning my Vickie asked to hear your " Caledonia" A great start to our day. Perfect

Guest said

Your vocals are Beautiful very real sounding, and gaining strength. I am proud of you and your Harmony singing,

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Greg Connor said

This is a remarkable presentation of a wonderful song. Outstanding Lisa!

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igor said

~ Somewhere in the wind The flames have cooled ~

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Norm said


Guest said

Oh, Lisa, this is so lovely. Beautifully played and your voice is heavenly.

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Wildgeas Music said

First class! Love your harmonies and the penny whistle. Charming...

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James Michael Taylor said

So beautiful.

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terrysongs said

I love your singing Lisa,Great compilation I could listen all the time. It has the soul a greatness

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Greg Connor said

Great singing, Great Playing, and the tone you achieve on the whistle is incredible. One Fine Job!

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Greg Connor said

You blew me away with this Lisa! Wow!