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Big Legged Woman with Mark Imsdahl

Greg Connor

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This is Mark’s First adventure into Song Writing
Big Legged Woman – Written by Mark Imsdahl

Mark’s alonetone site:

Mark Imsdahl – Harmonica
Greg Connor – Dobro

Here is Ron Rouch’s version of Mark’s song:

Big legged woman done left me
Now I got the blues
So long morning gown jelly roll
I can’t take the news

She run off with Snooky Pryor
That Chicago harp playin scum
Next time I see that devil
I’m gonna kill that bum

Big Legged woman, She been on my mind
Think about my baby, and Snooky
Almost all the time


Big Legged woman done left me
I can’t take the news
I miss that sweet sweet jelly roll
I don’t know what to do

Oh it’s so hard to handle
Losing them big fleshy legs
Snooky’s got my baby
And I’m left here with the dregs



lgh's avatar
lgh said

Low-down and dirty blues! LG

Guest said

That is pretty good. Great dobro and harmonica.

Robert Palomo's avatar
Robert Palomo said

Snooky... you got a description? Takin' another man's big legged woman just ain't RIGHT. I'll mertilize the bum if'n I spot 'im! Upside the head with The Mutt.

Roger M. Harris's avatar
Roger M. Harris said

My kinda groove guys, good stuff

Andrew Russe's avatar
Andrew Russe said

Oh yeah, faved immediately. I bought some blues harmonicas once - this'll be easy I thought... NOPE! lol (I ended up giving them to a harp player I knew) I might try again one day, and it's performances like this that make me want to do it. Fine song, fine everything :-)

Guest said

Ha ha! Great stuff! Lovely fun track with extra cool harmonica.

Len Sasso's avatar
Len Sasso said

Nothing like the blues! Lovely harmonica, pickin' and lyrics.

Ron's avatar
Ron said

I love it....great collaboration guys....super harmonica playing.....hey Snooky could be another Munga...keep the tale going!!!!!

terrysongs's avatar
terrysongs said

Rattlin' them old blues

Guest said

Mark Cool lyrics. I think they fit right in with the title. Keep on harping!

Guest said

LOVE,LOVE,LOVE IT!!!!!! That is one sexy sounding harmonica:) Kj

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

Hi Mark, That was a lot of fun! I think your Harp playing sounds great! Yes "Cause a Bull Dog to Hug A Hound" sounds like it might fit right into your next masterpiece. Let's do it.

Guest said

Greg and I have shared many laughs over the original lyrics for the Blues Tune "Big Leg Women" done by Snooky Pryor and Mel Brown, and these lyrics were the result of some email bantering done to perpetuate the sillyness. Maybe our next take should include Snooky's claim that big legged women have somethin' that'll cause a bulldog to hug a hound!

Guest said

JUst Re-listened to this that great Harp tone reminds me of Brownie McGee

Guest said

Oh! I love the Reso, Good Harp, Determined vocal. You all are are Bluesin' so good. So how tall is She and What is She Wearin' Oh , No Its Rosie of Las Cruses

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