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Inspired by a gift from my Cousin Danita, a bird whistle.

I open my eyes to the first morning’s light

The Birds sing outside my window

And the stars are all gone from the previous night

They left when I heard the wind blow


I notice the morning is as fresh as can be

I hear the birds sing their melodies

It’s time to wake up and get out of bed

But I take a moment to listen instead


Sit down to breakfast there’s so much to do

But I never hurry just sit here and chew

My mind tends to wander all over the place

While the birds keep singing the songs I embrace


The rhythm of life is a sweet old song

That plays in the background as time goes along

It’s my good fortune I’m able to hear

The birds as they sing out loud and clear

The birds as they sing out loud and clear

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James Michael Taylor said

So, bright and clear...and, here in Cowtown, chilly. Good hearing your voice again.

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oldfolks2 said

That's quite wonderful Greg ...

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tilden said

Another fine job

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Pat Bondy said

I haven't been on Alonetone much lately. Nice to drop in here and hear one of your songs though :)

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Colleen Dillon said

What a delightful and peaceful song! I can picture you enjoying a quiet morning there in your pretty spot. And love the hint of the whistle at the end! Or was that a real bird?

Guest said

Blue ribbon.......I love how you created this song from the warble bird whistle 💙. It truly does sound like the birds singing out loud. You have a true gift of story telling with your lyrics and music. This song truly is a day brightener.

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Ron said

I like this a lot ...outstanding lyrics!...great job Greg

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