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Mississippi Moon

Greg Connor

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Here is my contribution to the Minnesota Association of Songwriters challenge: Write a song titled “Mississippi Moon” and use this chord progression somewhere in the song (adjust for the Key you are in) “C, G, Am, C, Dm”

You will find D, A, Bm , D, Em in the last part of my chorus.

Mississippi Moon C G Am C Dm / D A Bm D Em / G D Em G Am

D I was here when the moon G broke the D horizon
And the Bm sunset was A still in the D sky
D Now that lunar light G brightly D shines on
The Bm river as it A gently goes D by

G Mississippi A Moon Bm shimmer on the D water
Em G As the river glides to the A sea
D Mississippi A Moon Bm help me D consider
Em G Something more than A me, Mississippi D Moon

D So I watch the eddies as they G mesmerize D
Bm Reflecting the A moon and the D stars
D I conclude as I G finally surmise D
What a Bm small part A we really D are

G The river A runs D willfully
C Reflecting the G heavens A above
Bm I’m right A here G where I should D be
Bm Pondering A purpose and D love

oldfolks2's avatar
oldfolks2 said

Another cracker Greg ....

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Andrew Russe said

Awww... fabulous. This has got the dulcimer on it too? I love the textures you create with this and the guitar. And the song... gorgeous.

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slkrell said

I think these challenges are so expanding ,I sat back and followed the the progression carefully. Then to hear what you did with this unusual thread ,the lyrics made it all seem so natural. I am impressed. More please

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Colleen Dillon said

Absolutely beautiful! Such delicate finger picking so perfectly matches the lyrics. A masterpiece.!!!!

KCsGroove's avatar
KCsGroove said

Lovely song! sparkly mix very much enjoyed! KC

Ron's avatar
Ron said

WOW outstanding song Greg!! guitar playing is excellent, love the tone....and your lyrics really the chorus...YOU WIN!!!

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