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Navy Blue Mustang

Greg Connor

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This is more of a description than a song. It’s my contribution to the Minnesota Homebrew Radio Show monthly song writing challenge: “Write a song about your first car.”

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Andrew Russe said

Missed this. Fabulous.

Guest said

Was there a minor chord in there, I may have effected you, drew you closer to the dark side

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oldfolks2 said

Now .... can this be classed as a song about Rita ?? or is it about your car ??? As always Greg .... good stuff.

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KCsGroove said

Cool! really dig the vibe here, good playing and singing! Always love songs about cars and driving :-) keep on cruising ! KC

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Anton said

Cool song, i dig the harmonica and all the instruments sound fine together. I thought it would be about a guitar when i clicked though :)

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Colleen Dillon said

So many good stories in that brain of yours!! Love this. Especially fun to think of you driving around with Rita in that Mustang... and clean up the backseat would ya!

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Ron said

ha ha love it...reminds me of my first car.. a brand new 69 rally green Camaro that I got in the fall of 1968 great lyrics!!

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