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Mancera is an spanish Fortress build about 500 years ago in an island with the same name, in the south of Chile.
Off course it has a lot of history, i used to go there when i was a kid and i have big memories of it, been in the big dungeon, where lots of people died, the sound of the seagulls, the sea etc.
I was back last year after 20 years, and there was still the same feeling, that trip inspired me to do this tune :) hope you like it.

Music: Diego Cardenas (somno project)
Felipe Vasquez: Classical guitar
Jose Rodriguez: Didjeridoo

Guest said

Amazing stuff.

Guest said

Amazing stuff...

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corbinSound said

YES the nylon guitar makes it! epic

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somno project said

Thank you so much for your words MTC...i really apreciatte it!!. regards from atacama desert

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Movement To Contact said

Wow, I LOVE this...I have no idea how I missed your music before.

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thetworegs said

Great atmosphere............

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kirklynch said

Interesting combination of sounds and textures. Nice work!

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Norm said

Very masterfully crafted. Well done!

Guest said

wow genius