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Sherborne Road

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Let me introduce to you
Every woman child and man
The place I did my growing up
Raised by grandma’s hand

I think you’ll find
That folks are kind
They’re sure to ask you in
Enter the warmth
Close the door
And my story will begin.

Now the children of Sherborne Road
Spend their time sticking pins in soldiers
Taking walks to the shop
Some would sneak off
To boxing on a monday night

Returning to their homes all beat up
Sitting down to Monday’s weekly stew
Then they’d wash in sink
Or baths made of tin
And pray before they’d rest their heads

Times were tough so to bring more in
All the residents
Took in lodgers from the works
to help them pay the rent

One in fact
His name was mack
Lived with us a while
He was kind to me
but lied and thieved
And left without saying goodbye

Now the parents at Sherborne Road
Keep the private rooms oh so private
No one ever goes there
Or sits at the chair
To play a melody or three.

By the wireless they make do and mend
Or they give it to the rag and bone man
I remember one year
Some folks disappeared
And grandpa was the next to go

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Gary Fox said

Great song.

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Cave Street said

Wow, this is reminiscent of some of The Band's best work.... and that's really saying something! Well done!!

Guest said

What a great song!!!

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A Bit More Better Productions said

In fact.. now they ALL have lyrics in the 'about' tab!!! All of 'MAKE DO & MEND' anyway.. comments welcome.. cheers chaps