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by corbinSound


The Ocean

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The cupboards, of this old house
Don’t close like they used to
And your mother, is just as old now
Wouldn’t you say

The lanterns, you hung in your teeth when you were young,
Still light up the room
Yeah it’s true,
If anything is true

I wish I knew, what was eating at you
I wish I knew, exactly what to say

I’ve got some sweaters, one after one, another
The next, uglier than the rest
Cause it’s almost Christmas,
Atleast in my mind

I’m not much, of a dancer
But I’ll try if you want to
Cause life,
Is all about the journey

It’s, It’s, It’s the given
It’s, It’s, It’s the notch in my heart
It’s, It’s, It’s giving
Yeah, yeah, yeah - It’s all about the anchor

Wouldn’t you say
It’s all about the ocean, and the rocks that get in the way
Wouldn’t you say

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corbinSound said

mmm such a lovely tune

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richardlaceves said

this ,,quietly, thoughtfully, dances through ,, my soul,, very beautiful,, and yes indeed i would say,,, happy holidays r

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Greg Connor said

Wil . . . You have something special going on here.

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Just Jane said


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Andrew Russe said