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Long Black Veil (trad-M. Wilkin)

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Covers of some of my favorite songs

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kavin. said

Good version. I've heard so many covers of this, my favorite one is by New Riders of the Purple Sage. An old country classic originally done by Lefty Frizell but written by someone else.

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Andrew Russe said

This is one of my all time favourite songs (though I've never heard The Band's version). Great cover - love the backing vocals, really effective.

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thetworegs said

Great cover by the way

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thetworegs said

I'm trying to bring him round.. but it don't look good.... his gone a funny grey blueey sort colour...... but if i remember right..... he looked that way when he came down the cellar in first place...........Elvis just lays beside him going ummm...ummum... and dribbling it must have been one hell of a night after i left....

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thetworegs said

Great cover Dave keep um coming......

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Cave Street said

Nice one, Dave. I could never attempt this in a million years! Good work.