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I Hear Voices

Dave Berry

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This started as a simple piano piece from Osckilo, I took that as a beginning point and added the rest (synth, guitar, drums from Boss microBR), turning it into a prog-rock instrumental.

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thetworegs said

and what a thing of beauty this stll is .........

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thetworegs said

I sometimes hear voices echoe from the edge to, thanks for the enthusiasm

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mmi said

Progtronica! Yes!

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Tharek Ali Mokbul said

This and our funk track are my favourites dave. Thanks for working with us. You progged out to the extreme!

Guest said

I really wish it was a proper studio! I have some mattress stuff stapled to my wall for sound proofing and Im using a reflexion filter for the vocals and everything else is direct to logic. The Reflexion filter really helps for cutting out ambient noise but its a pain to deal with because its really heavy for the mic stand. I suppose when I move to a house with a basement I can have a real studio and until then I have to keep telling the wife and the dogs to go to another room!

Guest said

hey dave. thanks for the comments... i havn't been on alone tone is so long its sad. i think you inspired me to put up a song or two that i havn't put up yet. enjoy music!

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launched said

I like what you did with this one Dave - Really cool stuff!!

Guest said

nice work! Guitars are great in this! And great piano playing by Osckilo! Really nice track!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

000ooooo; yeah. thanks. kss

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