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Swarthmore, PA


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Of course the last song is about my hometown.

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Will I Ram said

do you know of the old abandoned warehouse they turned into jam room studios near you? I used to go almost every week with friends. Last time I was around swarhmore it was at the aboretum at the college. Nice to see some locals around here.

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Cave Street said

PS - Dave, please post your lyrics for all these tunes....

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Cave Street said

Around the world in one album.... Thanks for taking me on that 20,000 mile trip with you, Dave! Keep on rockin' bro!

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Endicott Road said

You and I have a lot in common. Our lyrics are the strongest part of our music and we get the most from our vocal talents. I enjoyed listening to your album and going around the world with your music. Well done. ER

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iconoclast said

Dweeb! This is too much fun! The ultimate travelogue.

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fubarsam said

Sounds great. Great lyrics.

Guest said

you've got a really cool sound Dweeb.

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Cave Street said

As always Dave, i love your attitude and your vibe. Wish you'd post the lyrics for this album!

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