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Here an acoustic trial session of a song I’m playing around with at the moment. It’s half in French and half in English for now. One day, when time allows me :-) I will add musical instruments. For now questioning myself whether to do keep this song in both languages or to sing it in just one language only. But if so, I’m not sure which one; French or English ??? Decisions, decisions… :-) Voici une compo perso d’essai acoustique je suis en train de la faire en ce moment. C’est en moitié français / moitié anglais… un jour je vais terminer cette chanson, si je trouve le temps, pour l’instant, prendre plaisir (j’espère) :-)

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MemphisMaiden said

Thank you guests, thx for visitong and listening, much appreciated

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MemphisMaiden said

Thx Ed !

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MemphisMaiden said

Thx Andrew, i was actually thinking today to go for the French, but then I get this little doubt hitting me again, I would like to ploay around with this song abit more.... but need to make my mind up before i do and you knwo... women... ay.... ;-)

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MemphisMaiden said

Thank you Proods !

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Ed Craig said


Guest said

Pretty - A perfectly legitimate way to do a song! I like how the energy builds up.

Guest said

Cool sounding, great vocals. I don't understand the words but it sounds great any way....

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Andrew Russe said

Like it, keep playing around with it. I think it sounds better in French - I feel more listening to it.

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The Proods said

Tres bien! Such a unique sound.