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Thanks George

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Solo acoustic finger picking thing I’ve been working on for a while. Sometime around 1968 I started studying with Mr. George Bennett who taught me the rudiments of finger picking. Later when we played some gigs together he also taught me the rudiments of alcohol abuse. I never got the chance to thank him for either! Recorded in my shop today- august 27 2009

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slkrell said

Great to hear

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willis said

Lovely piece.

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Sister Savage said

Such a fabulous piece... I've always loved this and the way it starts to skip along at around 4 secs. Very cool.

Guest said

Well played!

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jip said

Another amazing guitar song.

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Raimondi Custom Guitars said

Always enjoy your this style of guitar....Kottke, Hedges....its right up their.

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another cultural landslide said

How did I miss this? Absolutely wonderful! w;-)

Guest said

thanks for you for this music...

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Jason Earls said

still love this, such wonderful chord voicings!

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Preying Field said

Lovely. Thanks so much.

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Jason Earls said

well-played, beautiful piece!

Guest said

Great playing and tones.

Guest said

Every time I Tune in I am Never Disappionted. The Harmonic was seemless. pro- play all the way.......

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Andrew Russe said

Why have I never heard this before? It's beautiful.

Guest said

Great finger picking and beautiful guitar sound!

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stoman said

Great picking! I would love to be able to play like this. Regards Steffen

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richardlaceves said

very fine playing and wonderfully full/rich sounding,

Guest said

Goosebumps Sir!

Guest said

60,000 Sunsets...10 of my faves on one playlist!

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Gilbert Neilson said

So Beautiful!!

Guest said

So.... what happened to "Thanks George" you used to say on the end then?

Guest said

Yeah, thanks George.

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Tim Bond said

Really beautiful

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vaisvil said

lovely and great guitar work / recording too!

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Dave Berry said

I absolutely love this. Recorded so well. Beautiful is all i can say.

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igor said

...and - Cheers!

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igor said

To say "thank you" in time ... It's rarely possible, I would say.

Guest said

Speaking as one who is now reaping the benefits, Yes, thanks very much George.

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Cave Street said

Sounds like this was recorded outside in the evening.... *wonderful* ambiance! Of course, it goes without saying (though I'm compelled to say it anyway) that your performance is stellar. Inspiring, to say the least! Thanks for sharing, Kirk!

Guest said

No thank you Kirk, I'm nearly halfway through my housework.

Guest said

This is so lovely, Kirk.

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Jason Earls said

nice, excellent finger picking!

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Keith Landry said

Well, I'll be downloading everything acoustic you have now... This stuff is incredible.

Guest said

Oh well played! I had forgotten how lovely this is.

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Rick Phillips said

nicely done!

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

thanks again for listening, man -and for your comments. We have to jam some time -some how : ) (Thanks, also, for your cool/deep sounds here.)

Guest said

This is great.

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J dY Stamp said


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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

...very nice here, Kirk! Thanks for the comments as well. Here's hoping you have a genuinely happy season. kss

Guest said

This is such a great hope at the end of a long week! Thank you!

Guest said


Guest said

really enjoyed this!

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sixmilewide said

cool track and so well played, that's a really sweet sounding guitar. cheers

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sixmilewide said

nice track, nice sounding guitar and a good recording! what better.

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alykai said

Both performance and tone gets two thumbs up!

Guest said

Yes, thanks George. Love your acoustic finger picking. More please.

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K. SCOT SPARKS 79+intercessions said

VERY nice here, man. Thanks for listening and commenting on mine. A great week to you.

Guest said

Great hearing this again. Beauty.

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WyrDGeneS said

Thanks Kirk.

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Endicott Road said

Excellent guitar work here, Kirk. I wish I could play as well. ER

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kirklynch said

@ lastsalutefolk- That was in standard tuning, but down about a half step and capoed at the 2nd fret. Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!

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Utopian Hedonism said


Guest said

mighty fine !

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Max Sipowicz said

very fine playing! i like it a lot

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Eric Coard said

Wish I could play like that. Very nice.

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Utopian Hedonism said

lovely ! so nice melodies

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kirklynch said

Hey Jesse- thanks man. That was actually in standard tuning , but down about a half step and capoed at the 2nd fret

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jesse1366 said

AWESOME!!!Is it open D tuning????

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-t. said

indeed. cheers george.

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Lalo Oceja said

Thank you Kirklynch for your comments, always encouraged me a lot!

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Mannequin Races said

Really beautiful finger picking. That's one thing I've never really felt comfortable doing. I'm stuck in a rut of playing with a pick but maybe I'll branch out one of these days! Really nice progression. This was the perfect song to wake up to!

Guest said

you always find the sweet chords man.

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Megafauna Lacrimosa said

Thanks for the kind words. We're still feeling at an appropriate 1st album style, and think we're hovering closer to what we want. Love your work (especially this song) - keep it up! Gave us some inspiration for finger picking.

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Big Dog Neighborhood said

Great playing Kirk, as always. Like the tone of this one. Thanks also for the kind words. Cheers!

Guest said

Nice :)

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kirklynch said

@ Sister Savage- Thank you- much appreciated!

Guest said

I especially enjoy tracks that make me feel like I've learned something about artists I love, and this is one of those tracks. And also your "Thanks George" at the end is a wonderful touch.

Guest said

Good picking...good technique...

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childhoodsend said

very beautiful track.. Such clear sounding guitar!!

Guest said

Great picking!

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kevinemmrich said

sweet playing! Nice composition, too.

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Gumbo said

so I was about to say: the hours you've put in since 1968 have paid off, kirk. This is Georgeous!

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Gumbo said

you've certainly put the hours in, kirk. Sounds georgeous!!

Guest said

Oh I love the change of pace at around 1 minute. More magic from the magic hands of Mr Lynch.

Guest said

Oh yes, gorgeous, love it!

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Johnny Stone said

Nice one mate this is finger pickin good

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discoLust MACHINE said

the music really tells a story. beautiful work.

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dougsparling said

Beautiful, exquisite...what else can I say?

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kavin. said

So good. Saw Tommy Emmanuel the other night, and he played some great mellow fingerpicking like this, great to hear it!

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Sudara said

I've been trying to write a comment here for a good 10 minutes, but nothing is coming out right. I'm so very happy and honored you put your music up here, we are lucky to have you.

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Licoresse said

Thanks, nice!

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Wildgeas Music said


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Lalo Oceja said

you made me laugh out loud reading the description :) beautiful playing beautiful piece, thank you so much for this!

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yelyah said

Lovely as always! And cute story. :)