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Singing In The Silence - Studio Mix

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Here’s the second song I recently decided to do with a studio recording from one I wrote and posted here a while ago as a purely vocal version. It’s one of my favorites…. I hope you’ll enjoy it too

Singing In The Silence

Verse 1:
Singing in the silence
Out late in the dark
Pouring out a battered soul
In this lonely park

Singing in the silence
Not another sound
A voice escapes this lonely heart
Released but not yet found

Verse 2:
Singing in the silence
Sound bleeds like a stain
Cutting holes into the night
Darkness hides no pain

Singing in the silence
Breathless in the deep
So lost in this loneliness
Another lie won’t keep

Chorus / Bridge:
Thinking that it’s best to find
Noise and crowds and light
Hiding pain inside this heart
It’s time to put things right

Thinking that it’s best to find
Noise and crowds and light
Singing in the silence now
It’s time to put things right

Verse 3:
Singing in the silence
Strength begins to build
A bridge from here to over there
That hole begins to fill

Singing in the silence
Stronger each refrain
Time will heal this tattered soul
Singing through the pain

© 2016 Colleen Dillon All Rights Reserved

fabiokeiner's avatar
fabiokeiner said

absolutely wonderfullest

Sister Savage's avatar
Sister Savage said

Oh my, just wonderful!!

James Michael Taylor's avatar
James Michael Taylor said

What a fine lyric. You speak for all of us from the first line...

Bethan Mathis's avatar
Bethan Mathis said

Like taking a warm bath in soft, silky bubbles. Gorgeous song Coleen, beautifully sung.

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H R Music said


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doktordoktor said

Very nice. You have a lovely voice, and I like the arrangement.

Guest said

Nice. -Geas

4barrelcarb (4BC)'s avatar
4barrelcarb (4BC) said

This is just beautiful! This really compliments your vocals! Enjoyed!

Ed Craig's avatar
Ed Craig said

Thanks for the comment Colleen - this is a beautiful song, love the slide guitar and your voice.

H R Music's avatar
H R Music said

This is beautiful.

keykrazy's avatar
keykrazy said

Really enjoying the nice, peaceful feeling of this one, Colleen! Love the slide guitar as well. :)

Guest said

Am loving that slide guitar!

Guest said

Ooh, this is nice and relaxing! :)

vaisvil's avatar
vaisvil said

This is certainly one of the best I've heard by an internet artist, period. Superb writing and performance.

Gary Fox's avatar
Gary Fox said

Brilliant...absolutely brilliant.

thetworegs's avatar
thetworegs said

Just beautiful Colleen ... Great recording too

Ron's avatar
Ron said

Great recording ...great of your best!!!

Greg Connor's avatar
Greg Connor said

It's hard to pick a favorite, but this just might be it. Well done Colleen!